If you are an older adult who is interested in learning more about how you are doing with choosing foods that help you stay healthy and active, complete SCREEN-14.

SCREEN-14 (14 questions; previously known as SCREEN-II) identifies nutrition risk and is useful for referring older adults to community resources and dietitian services based on their needs. This longer version identifies more risk factors that can support recognition of various areas for improvement and helps to match resources to specific needs.

SCREEN-8 (8 questions; previously known as SCREEN-II-Abbreviated, SCREEN-II-AB) can be used as a quick identification of nutrition risk and can help providers identify who needs resources or a referral to a dietitian. To identify additional nutrition risk factors and areas for intervention, continue with the remaining items of SCREEN-14.

SCREEN-3 Extended (3-8 questions; previously known as SCREEN-III) is available for healthcare professionals who desire a very short nutrition screening tool that can triage those who are likely to be at risk. A score of less than 22 indicates potential nutrition risk and it is recommended to continue with the 5 remaining items of SCREEN-8 for confirmation of nutrition risk.

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