Resources for Older Adults


If you are an older adult who is interested in learning more about how you are doing with choosing foods that help you stay healthy and active, complete Nutri-eSCREEN. This short online questionnaire will show you what you are doing well and where you can improve. It will also recommend steps that you can take to improve your eating habits.

Find a Registered Dietitian:

Registered dietitians working in the community can be found in family physician offices, primary care or nurse practitioner-led clinics, community health or public centres, homecare organizations, and many retail locations. To access a registered dietitian in the community, visit Dietitians of Canada.

Healthy Recipes for Older Adults:

Recipes from Canada’s Food Guide
Recipes for healthy aging
Recipes that are simple and easy

Healthy Eating Factsheets for Older Adults:

Disclaimer: These factsheets are not meant to replace the advice of a qualified health professional. Talk to your doctor or a registered dietitian for individualized guidance on your diet and health.