Seniors in the Community: Risk Evaluation for
Eating and Nutrition (SCREEN)©

SCREEN© is an easily administered, 5 to 10-minute nutrition screening tool for community-dwelling older adults (55 years or older). The tool can be completed by older adults or their healthcare providers, including over the phone, and is available in English and French. Questions focus on weight change, appetite, food intake, and risk factors for malnutrition.

If you are an older adult who is interested in learning more about how you are doing with choosing foods that help you stay healthy and active, visit this page.

SCREEN© is a valid and reliable tool, which can identify older adults at nutrition risk and specific nutrition areas that need improvement. As a result, healthcare providers can recommend individualized nutrition education and community resources, and refer high-risk individuals to a registered dietitian for a comprehensive assessment.

Research has shown that scoring “high risk” using SCREEN© is associated with poor health outcomes, such as reduced health-related quality of life and increased risk of hospitalization and mortality. Early identification of nutrition risk can lead to interventions that maintain quality of life and decrease risk of hospitalization.